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The winners have been announced for four departmental awards: Best First Year Student in Computational Statistics, Best First Year Student in Applied Statistics, Best First Year Student in Theoretical Statistics, and the R.A. Bradley Award.

Find out more about phishing scams, such as what they are and how to spot them.

Conferences are the most common travel destinations. Learn about the ins and outs of registration fees, what can and can't be reimbursed, and related topics.

FSU has a very tight policy when it comes to car rentals. Find out the specifics here.

There are all kinds of other expenses that you may need to be reimbursed for. Learn more about them here.

Would you rather use your own car for your trip? No problem! Find out more here.

Going a long distance? Chances are you'll be flying. Learn about airfare reimbursement here.

Planning to sample the local cuisine during your travels? Learn how meals are reimbursed here.

If you're traveling overnight, chances are you'll be utilizing a hotel, motel, or other form of lodging. Find out more about how they're reimbursed here.

The winners have been announced!